Windshield Tint Gallery

Comfort On Your Road Journey

Stay cool, get protected from the harmful UV-ray and get your very own privacy while you’re on the roadway. We only use the high-graded tint will make sure that your windshield tint lasts longer and giving you the right protection you need. At MX Solar, we make sure that the VLT (visible light transmission level) of your vehicle’s tint complies with the latest JPJ’s regulation. Give your car an upgrade today with the right tint and getting the comfort you need in your everyday journey. Get the job done by our professional at MX Solar. Get in touch with us today!

The Best Windshield Tint in Malaysia

Getting high-quality tint work for your vehicle is definitely the best investment you can make. It gives you protection from harmful rays and heat as well as giving you the privacy you need. Some tint even comes with security features to prevent the glass from shattering upon impact – safeguarding you from accident or theft. No matter what’s the needs or requirements you have, you can trust MX Solar to give you the best windshield tint in Malaysia for our professional service & exceptional experience we have. Just drop us a WhatsApp today and talk to you soon!