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Window Films that Provide More than Shading

Are you looking for the type of window film that not only provides you shading against sunrays or UV light but also offering you the privacy you need? You have come to the right provider if that’s what you are looking for. MX Solar provides a wide range of privacy window film or privacy glass film for both residential and commercial buildings. From standard to custom size window and glass doors, MX Solar provides a diverse range of top-rated window and glass films options that offer the level of privacy you need while allowing the amount of light you preferred into your premise.

Our window and glass film is able to block 99% of UV rays while providing total two-way privacy which is an ideal choice for those who need 24/7 privacy. In addition, our window and glass films are highly effective in managing excess heat and glare, while offering the aesthetic design that makes your premise looks more sophisticated through a variety of colours and patterns, including 3D-design window and glass films.

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Privacy Window Film & Glass Film’s Features Highlight


Hassle-Free Installation

Our highly skilled installers are ever-ready to assist you with the installation works of privacy window film or glass film at your premises. Just sit back and relax, while our team do all the works for you, from initial measurement up to the final installation.

24/7 protection

24/7 Protection & Privacy

Enjoy year-round protection against harmful UV rays while maintaining privacy from external onlookers with our premium-quality privacy glass film and window film, at the shading level of your preferred choice, from light shading to total blackout.



Thanks to its premium quality, our window and glass films are highly durable, enabling long-lasting use that does not require regular maintenance, and thus making it highly cost-effective.

Privacy Window Film & Glass Film’s Features Highlight

Here are some tips to help you choose the right window films or glass films for your premise, whether it is for your home or office, depending on the level of privacy, light and heat control that you desire.

two-way privacy film


A blackout window or glass film offers total two-way privacy where it blocks out most light and sunray entirely. Hence, whether onlookers from outside will not be able to see what is inside the premise, and likewise, people inside the premise will not be able to see out as well. This feature is extremely ideal and suitable if you want to maintain total privacy 24/7.

one-way privacy film


If you prefer a lower visible light transmission but not a total darkened room, a one-way mirror film can be an ideal choice as it gives you more privacy during the daytime when the sunray, heat and glare are stronger. Onlookers from the outside will not be able to see the occupant inside the premise, but the occupants within the premise can have a clear external view. However, during the night when the lights indoor are brighter, such effect will be reversed.

Frosted Glass Window Film


Translucent and frosted films are ideal for higher visible light transmission while keeping your privacy at the same time, where a sufficient amount of light still passes through the window or glass films but the visibility is significantly reduced to mere shadows. Hence, both external and internal views are blurry. It is also aesthetically attractive with different colours, patterns and designs.


Let us assist you in finding the right type of window films or glass films that fit your needs and expectations. From design options to customizing of glass film’s sizes and installation works, feel free to consult us, anytime!