Venetian Blinds

Made To Measure Venetian Blinds Malaysia

If you want to have a unique classic posh feel in your living room then go with the made-to-measure Venetian blinds. Our team can offer you a free consultation and suggestions about how you can bring out the best from the Venetian blinds. They are made from wooden textures or Aluminium. We guide you about the material choice after observing your needs and budget. The Aluminium version of Venetian blinds are cheaper but they are still very elegant for the office and the windows. It is always suggested to have wooden Venetian blinds for home if you can afford them. Our team can also install multi controlling setup like wand control or the stretching string attached to the Venetian blinds.

Venetian Blinds

unique features

The Venetian blinds are like the horizontal version of vertical blinds – several slates move up and down to filter the light. Venetian blinds are mostly found in wooden material or aluminum material depending on the nature, texture, cost and overall vibe of surroundings.  Following are some of the promising features of Venetian blinds that make us install them in our living rooms and offices.


Classy & Elegant

We all know that Venetian blinds have always been a popular choice for people who love classic decors. In the past decades, they were considered a sign of wealth and prosperity. The wooden and aluminium texture pops up the blinds.

easy to control

Easy to Control

Venetian blinds support several controlling options like a rolling wand and the stretching string. They offer extra reliability and extra strength with aluminium and wooden material. No spoiled child can tear them apart while playing. 

light filtration

Best Light Filtration

You can slide Venetian blinds as a whole and adjust the position of the individual slates to provide a specific light in a specific direction. It can be used to have the most directional air and the most specific light for aesthetic purposes.

Trusted Venetian Blinds Malaysia

After choosing the most reliable made-to-measure Venetian blinds in Malaysia, don’t forget to choose the most reliable binding services in Malaysia. We are here to provide you with the quick and best Venetian blinds installation services using our 10 years of experience. No matter whether you go for woody material or aluminium, we have experts for both.