Vertical Blinds

Custom Vertical Blinds Malaysia

Don’t cover your large vertical windows with the traditional boring curtains. It is time to install vertical blinds that are more functional, reliable, and more feasible than traditional curtains. Our professional team may assist you in choosing the perfect custom vertical blinds for your rooms, offices, or workplaces. It is not just about covering the large windows/doors or filling out the empty places. Vertical blinds are much more than that. They have the capacity to reshape the overall aesthetics of your room plus they also provide an illusion of extra height and dimension to any room. We may provide you with several kinds of fabric, textures, or colours for your customized vertical blinds that may actually blend well with your current room environment.

Custom Vertical Blinds

unique features

Vertical blinds are so easy to manage and operate with the help of a wand or chain. Obviously, they are better than normal curtains. Have a look at some important features of our custom vertical blinds.



Vertical blinds are available in several fabrics, different textures and different colors.

Low maintenance

Low Maintainence

Easy to clean and maintain. It can be made with wood, fabric, vinyl and aluminium to provide more strength and stability. 



It can be used to have a full blackout or partial lighting, versatile and, used for several purposes in any kind of location.

Types of Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are preferred over curtains for the sake of more reliability and a better outlook. You can choose any one of three vertical blinds suiting your budget and needs.

Vinyl Vertical Blinds

Vinyl Vertical Blinds

Vinyl vertical blinds have the vinyl sheets that make the vertical blinds. They are cheaper options but they still provide an elegant look wherever they are applied.

Fabric Vertical Blinds

Fabric Vertical Blinds

Fabric vertical blinds are made of fabric and they are suitable for the living rooms matching with the overall texture of the room matching with bed and sofas.

Wood Vertical Blinds

Faux Wood Vertical Blinds

Faux wood gives a vintage classic look while installing vertical blinds. It suits and blends well with the antique furniture and the wooden floor. They are the best choices for the drawing rooms.

Trusted Vertical Blinds Installation Malaysia

Don’t let any amateur destroy the idea of having beautiful vertical blinds instead of curtains with some amateur fittings or any impairments. Always choose the best Malaysian team to install your vertical blinds. Contact us right now to have a free consultation.